Andrea Borden Photography
Photographer based out of Redding, California.
About me:

Who is Andrea Borden?

I love the outdoors, golden hour vistas, and great friends.
My perfect day would be a daytrip to the redwoods and the beaches of Northern California with a huge cup of coffee and my sweetheart by my side.
I try to live like I want to live: do what it takes to make a difference in your own life: don't dream it, live it!
Every day is a gift, and it'll never happen again. I capture the uniqueness of each new day in my life.

Like what you see? Join me on my Flickr or Twitter! (listed below)

(To see full versions of the photos click on them. Allow a few seconds for the photo to become sharp.)

To view categories of photos, click on the hashtag (the '#tags') underneath each post.

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