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Who is Andrea Borden?

I love the outdoors, golden hour vistas, and great friends.
My perfect day would be a daytrip to the redwoods and the beaches of Northern California with a huge cup of coffee and my sweetheart by my side.
I try to live like I want to live: do what it takes to make a difference in your own life: don't dream it, live it!
Every day is a gift, and it'll never happen again. I capture the uniqueness of each new day in my life.

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It’s Monday.
Have some grapes.

We’ve wrapped up the shoot, brought our photo packages to vendors, and taken really long naps. 

We loved working with our pastry chef so much. When we delivered her package, she sent us away with MORE sweets. We don’t understand how this petite little woman who makes the tastiest confections is not 800 pounds. She’s that good. =)
We’ve ordered new cards and started scouting for more models. The vendor list is growing again and the ideas are all winners.
Oh yes. It’s time to start the process all over again. 
You see, our shoots aren’t just about weddings, pretty stuff, or portfolios. They’re about connecting members in our community to the arts, to enrich little corners of Redding with splashes of color. Our next event will be planned in part with one of the salon stylists we worked with on this last shoot, and we can’t wait to get started. The prospective model list doesn’t stop growing, I just hope I find more dress designers for all these fabulous ideas!

Because, let’s face it, Barbara Stone set the bar pretty high with this dress and how laid back she was with helping us bring our vision to life. Not to mention this dress looked like it fit our Molly like a glove, with a couple of well placed clamps. =)
We are certainly, as I have mentioned on the blog before, searching for more photographers to get involved as well. The most exciting thing to see as an organizer is a well photographed event. More photos? AWESOME! Not to mention all our vendors love it, too. If you’re interested, you know where to find me. ^^
Have a grape monday!
I mean… *great*. 
And the photos just keep comin’!
Sneak Peek!!
Bridal Shoot Eve
The Hunt for Perfect Cheese
I’m partnering with Burnsini Vineyards for my upcoming styled shoot! The story of this winery is awesome, I love what the founders did for their local community, kudos to them for really bringing out the potential in their area!  
Emily and I visited with Tom Burnham today, we are so excited for what this season has to offer, and we’re always open to new vendors, creatives, and people who want to get involved! 
In other news, I meant to visit another vendor today but my car died!! Driving on I-5 while my car was stalling in the right lane, oncoming big rigs… yeah, not safe. So my baby Jess the Jeep is in the shop, I will just have to do my planning from home!
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