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Photographer based out of Redding, California.
About me:

Who is Andrea Borden?

I love the outdoors, golden hour vistas, and great friends.
My perfect day would be a daytrip to the redwoods and the beaches of Northern California with a huge cup of coffee and my sweetheart by my side.
I try to live like I want to live: do what it takes to make a difference in your own life: don't dream it, live it!
Every day is a gift, and it'll never happen again. I capture the uniqueness of each new day in my life.

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I just have to rave for a minute: Veronica is fantastic. Our session was so chill, her photos are fabulous and I can’t wait to work with her again.
Once she decided on her stylizing a couple weeks ago, our location changed and I am glad it did. While I love me some old brick ruins, the local park has some serene horse trails that suited our shoot far more. I was in love with where we decided to shoot: light beams falling through the trees, and tall oaks wrapped in ivy. The backlight was perfect for the feeling we were going for, I didn’t pull out my speedlights once. 

I love this time of year at the horse trails. The yellow wildflowers are so fragrant, I always pick some and take them home with me. The day was beautiful, we hopped in the water for some shots and to cool our feet a little, and we got lots of sun.

Here’s to more gorgeous summer shoots this year!