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About me:

Who is Andrea Borden?

I love the outdoors, golden hour vistas, and great friends.
My perfect day would be a daytrip to the redwoods and the beaches of Northern California with a huge cup of coffee and my sweetheart by my side.
I try to live like I want to live: do what it takes to make a difference in your own life: don't dream it, live it!
Every day is a gift, and it'll never happen again. I capture the uniqueness of each new day in my life.

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Back into the Groove with Sneak Peeks!
I don’t take a lot of weddings (I seldom do, actually) because they are so much work and a crazy amount of stress (plus if you have seen my rants about non professionals  taking weddings you’ll know why as well) but comments from the brides like this make it all worth it to shoot. <3
Thanks Anne! You were so low-key, your whole day was a joy.
Find the Gems!
I’m partnering with Burnsini Vineyards for my upcoming styled shoot! The story of this winery is awesome, I love what the founders did for their local community, kudos to them for really bringing out the potential in their area!  
Emily and I visited with Tom Burnham today, we are so excited for what this season has to offer, and we’re always open to new vendors, creatives, and people who want to get involved! 
In other news, I meant to visit another vendor today but my car died!! Driving on I-5 while my car was stalling in the right lane, oncoming big rigs… yeah, not safe. So my baby Jess the Jeep is in the shop, I will just have to do my planning from home!
Interested in being part the creative styled shoot team? Shoot me a message on
Baby Lily
As part of shooting every day sometimes I happen to have something especially pretty to shoot. Sometimes my subjects are simple color patterns in foliage, or a styled table like this one (for my mom’s tablecloth blog & etsy): 

The past couple of days I have not been feeling well, so my sweet man surprised me with my favorite flowers last night. Sunflowers! I just love them, they always make me feel sunny and bright. 
Happy Thursday!
Let’s introduce this beautiful girl here. This is Anne, a fabulous lady with just the *sweetest* heart. 
We had a quick little session in the park, and I had so much fun working with her. First of all: she loves my jokes. Or at least she thinks they’re funny. Or she thinks my joketelling is funny. Either way, she laughs a lot and I LOVE a client who laughs. Not every session has to be serious, and not ever session has to be filled with laughter, but when one is full of smiles like yesterday, I can’t help but smile still. 

I shot Anne for her senior portraits a couple years back and I hope to be able to shoot more with her far into the future. She’s my model for my stylized shoot, and there’s such an ease in working with her. Anne is so happy it’s infectious. =)
Today I also get to shoot one of my lifelong girlfriends, Nel. We go waaay back. I am so excited, she’s a scientific researcher down south and I don’t get to see her too often. Check back in for some shots from today!
I’m still reeling from my recent shoot with the fun little shoot from Veronica. Sometimes with my schedule I don’t get time to go over my shoots with a fine-toothed comb. I go for great shots to deliver to clients promptly, and then I go through later to find more gems afterwards, as a photographer’s edit. Here’s some more that I couldn’t live without posting:

These eyes just pull me into the photo! 

Also, Friday is my next booked session, with Nellie, her sister, and her mom. I can’t wait to shoot with one of my oldest girlfriends, Nellie, so don’t forget to check then for my next update!
If I could spend my whole life lying on rocks and watching the woods, I would.

It’s creeping up on the anniversary of my leaving California, and I think about it often. I think of it as the most defining thing I have done yet, in so many ways. So many changes, not just 2 years ago, but still being made today.I have a lot of reasons to go home, some of them more personal than others. Being a totally visual person, the mountains are a huge draw for me. I can’t live without my mountains.  I have some family at home I would like to see, as well as friends, some of them I haven’t seen in a good year or more. I have someone rather special at home that I cannot wait to see -coughErikyourbossisbehindyou!cough-. Also, animals I will be very happy to see as well. Waterfalls. Golden fields. Redwoods. Rivers. Rocks. Trees. Creatures. My beautiful California. There’s a lot to be said about coming home, but the best part is being there.